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We are a group aiming to connect amazing people to amazing volunteering opportunities all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe that anyone can take a couple of hours out of their day to make a difference! Want to join us in helping the world?

For A Better World

Our Mission

San Francisco has always prided itself on its multitude of diversity, and its offering of charitable causes is no different. At the same time, there exists a large community of San Franciscans looking for ways to give back to their local communities. Unfortunately, with this plethora of opportunities to give back, it can oftentimes be overwhelming for individuals to discover what groups might suit their own interests bests. And at the same time, it can be difficult for different organizations to differentiate themselves.

In light of this, our mission is to make the act of volunteering a little easier by helping connect individuals looking for ways to give back to their communities with worthwhile organizations.

Special Ops Volunteers

What We Do

Once a month, we partner with a different charitable organization here in San Francisco to host a group volunteering event. For volunteers, these events are a great way to participate in a broad range of activities, get a taste of what the different organizations in our city each have to offer, and meet and socialize with other members of the community who share the same enthusiasm for volunteering that you do! Best of all, we take care of all logistics and planning, so that you can focus your energy first and foremost on giving back to our community.

For San Francisco based charitable organizations, we work hard to ensure that our volunteers are well-suited to assist you in accomplishing whatever your goals may be, all while offering a platform to increase your exposure.

Meet the Team

Uren Dhanani

Uren is passionate about volunteering with local charities, especially those focused on healthcare and education. He has previously volunteered with United Way, Junior Achievement, MedShare, and helped with the Hurricane Sandy clean-up efforts in NY. He was also a volunteer tax-preparer at Foundation Communities while in college (Hook 'em Horns!).

Trang Nguyen

Trang has consistently strived to better her community through outreach and volunteer. Before San Francisco Volunteer Connect, she was the president of her finance club at her alma mater, the University of Utah. There, she helped students prepare for interviews and careers in finance. She still attends the university’s annual Finance Career Conference to connect with students and give any help/advice she can offer. After she received her Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in finance, she joined worked as an analyst at UBS Investment Bank and J.P. Morgan Investment Bank in San Francisco. While working at these financial institutions, she found time to volunteer and give back to her community – including spearheading the Giving Tree gift drive in her office as well as participating and encouraging participation in numerous charitable 5ks and the co-founding San Francisco Volunteer Connect in October of 2013. In her spare time she likes to play poker, work on her guitar playing and try to get a tan in the cloudy San Francisco weather.

Elvin Lucero

Elvin lives and works as a coder in the Bay Area. He spent some years in San Diego where he graduated from UCSD with a degree in Computer Science. He is passionate about technology and the good it can accomplish. He wants to use technology to further the efforts of volunteers and the net positives they create in the world, big or small. In his spare time, he likes hanging out with his friend Captain, a German Shepherd Chow Chow.

Fredy Marrero

Fredy was born and raised in Boston, MA and moved to the Bay Area in late 2013. He is passionate about music and making the world a better place. His passion for service and music came at a very early age when he started taking trumpet classes in 1st grade. The classes were run by Berklee College of Music volunteers who aimed to introduce youth to jazz music and teach them how to play instruments. This taught Fredy that as people grow into adulthood they are responsible to be stewards to future generations. He joined SFVC in early 2014 as a volunteer and has enjoyed the variety of organizations we work with.

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